Hi there. I'm Chris Williams.
I like to make cool websites and apps!



My passion for all things front-end is what helps me stay on top of the latest trends and technologies inside the industry. I am always honing my skills and trying new ideas to create solutions that are both functional and visually pleasing.

As a Front-End and App Developer, I have a wide range of skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WordPress. I am proficient in creating sleek, responsive designs with modern CSS frameworks, adding dynamic functionality with JavaScript libraries, and developing custom themes and plugins in WordPress. With my expertise, I can create exceptional digital experiences that meet your unique needs.

So if you are looking for a highly motivated detail oriented front-end developer who is passionate about delivering exceptional results, look no further. I'm looking forward to working with you and helping bring your projects to life!

My Portfolio


Local HR Consulting business that specializes in small heping small businesses, start-ups, and non-profits.
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Poker Masterminds

Poker training site that offers materials in the form of mobile apps, software, and written content.
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Preflop Advantage Web App

Web app built for Poker Masterminds which displays strategical information related to poker.
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Megan Little Designs

Portfolio website for a local UI / Graphic Designer. 
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Chuck Norris Joke Generator

Something I built for fun, generates random Chuck Norris jokes using the Chuck Norris joke API.
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The Best Poker Sites

Affiliate marketing website relating to online poker providing reviews of different online poker rooms and training sites.
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